TGF.Tuning.Pack.4.2 Release

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    June 26, 2020

    • Fixed German Spelling Errors (thx gummipunkt)
    • Removed DAU Problem Sources
    • Added more Messages to prevent frequently asked Questions
    • Fixed many Preset Problems
    • Removed unused Presets
    • Added Translation for every Output except the Tweaks
    • Added Ballon Tool Tips
    • Compiled new Excecutable
    • Created new CA
    • Removed start.bat due to missunderstanding of the functionality
    • Tools are now Legacy
    • Added ToolTips for every Registry Tweak
    • Added Catch to prevent the Main FAQ DAU Question
    • Added better Template Feedback
    • Updatet Risk Label
    • Switched Icons of a few MessageBoxes
    • Renamed startup to launcher
    • Fixed Language Bug on Startup
    • Removed Auto Accept


    Offizielle TuningPack Website:

    TuningPack Changelog: Updates

    TuningPack, Alle Versionen:

    TuningPack FAQ: FAQ


    TuningPack Vorstellungsvideo:

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    The Geek Freaks Team
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